Rake'Em & Take'Em was created in 2004 Mike Gelinas brain stormed and came up with the "Rake'Em & Take'Em" service.

This allows customers to take all the leaves and debris and place them in a retrievable area on their property, then call the Gelinas Company to have the pile removed.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Customers save money by raking their property themselves and just paying for the piles to be taken away.
  • Customers with properties that take a long time for the leaves to fully fall can have Gelinas come multiple times in the fall season affordably.
  • Because this service requires less labor, the Gelinas Company can service more customers.
  • This allows the Gelinas Companies to create more work for their employees.
  • And all debris taken away are recycled into a compost product!


  • Check to see if you are in our service area by calling us at (978) 544-6511.
  • Pile your leaves within 20' of a road edge, driveway or access rd etc.
  • Keep brush and debris separate, small twigs and sticks can be mixed in with leaves.
  • Call the office to arrange for services and provide a credit card for minimum up front payment, quoted by the office when you call in..